About Us

Niltech engineering, production, and supply company, as a science-based corporation, has been founded with the purpose of development of the technology of using chlorine dioxide in Iran with a special attention to environmental issues.

One of the most important plans of this corporation is to introduce and develop the technology of using chlorine dioxide in Iran. With this goal, this corporation, in association with other well-known and leading companies around the world, offers chlorine dioxide production and injection packages in various sizes and applications.

Production and injection packages normally use sodium chlorite as the primary substance to produce chlorine dioxide. Therefore, easy supply of this substance in Iran has been a crucial concern for industries in deciding whether to replace chlorine with chlorine dioxide. To address this concern, Niltech co., utilizing experienced expert and updated technical knowledge if the world, has begun to produce sodium chlorite. Currently, facilities for production of 2000 tons per year of this substance in Alborz science and technology park is created, and a 5000 tons planet with the capability to increase capacity to 25000 tons per year is under construction.

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