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Numerous methods have been proposed in scientific sources to produce sodium chlorite some of which are now being used industrially. The most common method is its synthesis form chlorine dioxide.

In this method, the chlorine with the capacity of 4 in chlorine dioxide molecule, in the vicinity of a oxidizer in basic environment, is shifted into a chlorine molecule with the capacity of 3. Based on the reaction circumstances and type of the media, different oxidizers including, sulfur, carbon, zinc, lead oxide and different types of iodides can be used.

American company of Olin Corporation, as the first sodium chlorite producer in the world in industrial scale, uses carbon as the oxidizer. Overall reaction in this method is as follows:

4 ClO2   +   4 NaOH   +   Ca(OH)2   +   C  →   4 NaClO2   +   CaCO3   +   3 H2O

Other methods, such as using lead oxide, are economically possible to be used in industrial scales, but not acceptable today in the matter of quality.

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