Application, Chlorine dioxide

Injection well water treatment

An in important factor in oil well maintenance is the injection water quality. Chlorine dioxide is able to affectively eliminate deposits and positively affect production. Improper treatment of injection water in off-shore and on-shore wells can cause in well blockage, pressure drop increase and a reduction in production. In many off-shore environments, the electro-chlorination systems for sea water installed on the platform can’t perform effectively. Creation of macro-film and biofilm on airborne towers proves this. Furthermore, river water, if not filtered properly, is capable of entering sulfide, iron, manganese and anaerobic bacteria to the well and result in well blockage. Using these non-oxidizing disinfectants has also many environmental hazards and are not used for preprocessing. Subsided methods like THP is also applicable inside a well.

Only chlorine dioxide can provide the required oxidation strength in low concentrations and has lower environmental hazards in comparison to chlorine, hypochlorite, or electrochemical oxidation systems.

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