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Sodium chlorite is a solid substance which is used as the primary substance in production of chlorine dioxide.

Sodium chlorite is the only salt which is produced artificially and has a vast range of uses in various industries, including toothpaste, mouthwash, and eye sterilizer production. Moreover, it is used as bleach in textile, paper and pulp industries.

Research on using sodium chlorite to make a medicine for ALS is also under doing. Furthermore, this substance, under the name of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), after presentation in 2006 by Jim Humbble, was very welcomed. However, some years later it was banned. Humbble claimed that this substance can cure many diseases such as some types of cancers, AIDS and so on.

Sodium chlorite is an ionic substance in which chlorine with the capacity of 3 is centered. This substance is stable in both solid and aqueous solution, but it is decomposed in acidic and basic environments.

Other physical and chemical characteristics of this substance is available in the table below:

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