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One of the biggest problems for the technology of using chlorine dioxide in Iran is lack of guarantee in supplying its primary substance, i.e. sodium chlorite. Buying and importing sodium chlorite is problematic for its usage in military industry. On the other hand, producing this substance in Iran is not economically attractive due to lack of its usage in water purification. Niltech Mobin corporation, knowing these facts and with an axial viewpoint toward environmental and health issues, has built sodium chlorite production unit as the primary substance for chlorine dioxide with the capacity of 5000 tons per year (and possibility to increase to 25000 tons per year), first phase of which has been completed in Alborz Science and Technology Park and is now ready to deliver sodium chlorite solution with international standards. Thus, any possible concern for interior industries on the matter of assured supply of chlorine dioxide in water purification and disinfection is over.

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